Delicious smoothies to optimize metabolism and brain function

Written by Body Ecology on March 10th, 2021

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Your brain function is dependent on optimal blood sugar metabolism for fuel.  Blood glucose imbalance is one the most common causes of fatigue, depression, anxiety, and memory loss.  Stabilizing blood sugar is one the quickest and most effective ways to improve brain function and energy.  

When you couple blood sugar dysfunction along with a leaky gut, you are now setting the body up for systemic inflammation.  This can set the stage for autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, and slow metabolism.

By addressing these two foundational blocks of health, the positive effects can include some of the following:  reduced food sensitivity, balanced immune system, weight loss, and improved mental clarity

This informative eGuide provides power-packed recipes that are fast, fun, and easy.  Learn how to improve your brain-immune-gut axis by incorporating these delicious smoothies as a part of your everyday routine.

The 26-page NeuroMetabolic Smoothie eGuide is here.

When you grab this gift, you’ll also receive a free access pass to Dr. Kan’s  online Brain Immune Gut Masterclass.  I’ll be there speaking about gut microbiome and immunity, and the most common destroyer of microbiome.  I dive into talking about gut-healing details that you may not know, so I hope you can make it.

Let me know which one of these smoothies supercharges your body!




P.S. Here’s Dr. Kan’s 26-page Smoothie eGuide ready to download.

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