Start Your Morning Right: Delicious Smoothie Recipe

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Written by Body Ecology on June 23rd, 2022

At Body Ecology, we emphasize the importance of a healthy inner ecosystem.

Beneficial microflora help to regulate digestive function and compete with pathogenic microorganisms for a place in your intestinal tract. They also detoxify the body of harmful heavy metals and have even been found to help repair the lining of the gut when it has become permeable, which is what happens with inflammatory bowel conditions. Gut bacteria also contribute to the production of key nutrients, such as several B vitamins and vitamin K.

One of the best ways to get a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria in your diet is to include a scoop of Vitality SuperGreen in your daily smoothie.

Smoothies are a popular way to enjoy several nutrient-dense foods all at once. Many health foods stores or juice bars that make smoothies actually use concentrated frozen fruit juices that are full of sugar. These frozen fruit bases are popular because they enhance the flavor of the smoothie. However, excessive sugar will actually feed pathogenic microorganisms and promote inflammation. Two things that are detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

The solution? Make your own smoothie at home!

Enjoying a refreshing Body Ecology smoothie every morning will protect your digestive health and balance your inner ecology with beneficial bacteria.  Shop the ingredients!

Not only are homemade foods a cost-effective alternative, but you also have control over every element that goes into your meal.

At Body Ecology, we have come up with a smoothie recipe that is delightful to your taste buds while nurturing the population of good bacteria in your gut and your intestinal epithelial cells.


Vitality SuperGreen

The best thing about Vitality SuperGreen, besides the incredible dose of pre-digested greens and algae, is GlutImmune!

Research has shown that glutamine is perhaps the most important nutrient involved in rebuilding the gut mucosal layer.

GlutImmune is the most bioavailable and stable form of glutamine available. It delivers up to 10 times more glutamine into the bloodstream than L-glutamine. Why is glutamine so important? It is the preferred fuel and nitrogen source for the small intestine.

Several studies have shown that it supports the regeneration and repair of the intestinal epithelia. Research has also found that L-glutamine increases the number of cells in the small intestine, the number of villi on those cells, and the height of the villi. (1)(2)(3)

Super Spirulina Plus

Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus is a fermented microalgae blend that provides your body with essential unsaturated fatty acids and protein, including all 8 essential amino acids. Fermented microalgae, such as the Spirulina found in Super Spirulina Plus, is especially rich in the fatty acid omega 3 EPA (eicosapentanoic acid), which is most commonly found in oily fish.


Avocados supply the body with monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been associated with reduced cardiovascular risk. They also add richness and depth to your smoothie, giving it a pudding-like texture.


In traditional Chinese medicine, too much cold can shock the digestive system, which prefers warmth. Ginger is warming and can relieve intestinal discomfort and bloating. Also, try other warming herbs like cinnamon, black or white pepper, and fennel seed. Fennel seed has been found to treat cold anywhere in the body and is popular in both Chinese and Indian cuisine.

The addition of warming herbs will bring your smoothie into balance and make it far easier for your digestive system in the long run, especially if you find that you are sensitive to cold food and drink. (4)

Fermented Coconut Water or Body Ecology Fermented Beverages

These provide the perfect base for your smoothie, as they are full of health-giving good bacteria. Fermented liquids like coconut water kefir also help to curb sugar cravings!

Body Ecology BE Sweet

Add to taste. BE Sweet is a safe, sweet, smooth, all-natural sugar alternative with no aftertaste, featuring a special combination of allulose, monk fruit, and stevia. It’s easy to use as a zero-calorie one-to-one sugar swap.


What To Remember Most About This Article:

Commercial smoothies often contain concentrated frozen fruit juices that are packed full of sugar and will actually feed bad bacteria to promote inflammation in your gut. You can benefit your health and still enjoy a cool summer treat by making your own smoothies at home – Body Ecology style.

Use Vitality SuperGreen to rebuild your gut mucosal layer, Super Spirulina Plus to provide all 8 essential amino acids your body needs, avocado to protect your cardiovascular health, ginger to relieve bloating, fermented coconut water to provide healthy bacteria, and BE Sweet for natural and safe sweetening. A perfectly refreshing summertime treat that also protects your health!


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