Why We Crave – And How To Kick Your Food Cravings For Good

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on January 24th, 2023

food cravings

It’s 3 PM and you can’t stop thinking about the candy or chips tucked away in the pantry. You try to distract yourself with work, drink more water, or go for a walk, but you can’t fight the food cravings

Many people assume that food cravings are mental — that you just want the satisfaction of tasting something sweet or salty to appease your brain, and then the craving will go away. But in most cases, they’re caused by very real physiological responses to things going on in your body. 

Food cravings are often signs that something is wrong and your body is seeking balance. 

But giving in to cravings rarely makes them disappear. If you reach for that chocolate or coffee every day at 3 PM, you should ask yourself why?

To find a solution to your cravings, you must first understand what’s causing them. Here are four reasons we crave and how to kick them. 

#1 – You’re Eating Empty Foods

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is quite literally… sad. So many of the foods we eat, especially processed and fast food, are empty. It lacks nutrients, so your cells are starving. When your cells aren’t getting the nutrients they need, they signal to your brain to say, “I’M STILL HUNGRY!” 

So you eat more. But if it’s more of the same, your cells will still be unfulfilled. This can lead to overeating, which leads to digestive distress, low energy levels, disease, and even depression. 

#2 – You Have Parasites Or Pathogens Inside You

Parasites, pathogens, and yeast inside your body need food, too. They like naughty food and drinks like chocolate, pastries, alcohol, coffee, and even ‘healthy’ foods like certain nuts and seeds. 

These unwelcome visitors in your body signal your brain to, “SEND CARBS!” so they can eat. These unhealthy foods keep your body acidic, which is the perfect environment to keep pathogens alive inside you. 

#3 – You Have Toxins In Your Body

Your body picks up toxins from all around you: in the air, from your food and water, and through skincare products. These toxins make your body more acidic, so it draws on its reserve of minerals to return balance and reduce acidity. 

Why minerals? Minerals create alkalinity to neutralize all the acid. But if you haven’t been eating a mineral-rich diet or are under a lot of stress, your cells and organs can become depleted of minerals. That sends signals to your brain to, “SEND MINERALS!” 

Your adrenals and thyroid both need a lot of minerals, and if they aren’t getting them, they lose energy. When your energy is low, you start to crave sugar, coffee, or chocolate for a quick pick-me-up — anything to raise that energy so you can just get through the day!

fulvic acidBut your body doesn’t really need coffee or chocolate. It needs minerals to replenish your sluggish adrenals and thyroids, so they can supply the natural energy they’re meant to. If you continually give into the 3PM slump, you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle that can lead to a weaker immune system, more difficulty handling stress, poor sleep, weight gain, dull skin, grey hair wrinkles and earlier aging. Infections and inflammation can become chronic, leading to disease or even cancer. 

#4 – You’re Separated From Nature

Some people are so disconnected and out of tune with nature that their souls are starving for a connection to the Earth. For some, food may be our only connection with nature. So your brain signals to, “SEND FRUITS & VEGGIES!” because it remembers, “Ah-ha! This came from nature,” and it knows your body is craving that nourishment and connection. 

This may be very unconscious, and if fruits and vegetables really are your only connection to nature, giving into these healthy food cravings can help you connect with a higher power and feel gratitude for what the Earth provides. 

How To Kick Food Cravings

The first obvious solution is to nourish your body with more nutrient-dense, whole foods like fresh vegetables and animal protein. This can help you solve the problem of eating empty foods that starve your cells, and can help replenish lost minerals — especially when you eat mineral-rich foods like ocean vegetables, shellfish, eggs, avocados, cruciferous vegetables, and leafy greens. 

Clearing parasitic infections, candidiasis, and toxins from your body requires a more in-depth approach. In addition to overhauling your diet, you must cleanse and detoxify your body while adding fermented, probiotic-rich foods and beverages to repopulate the beneficial bacteria in your gut’s microbiome. 

Another benefit of eating fermented foods is that they can reduce sweet cravings. In addition to populating your microbiome with beneficial bacteria that starve out the pathogens demanding sugar, the sour taste of fermented foods dampens our desire for the sweet taste. 

This is precisely what the Body Ecology way of living teaches us what to do. By following the Body Ecology diet, it will help you:

  • Strengthen your organs, digestive tract, and immune system.
  • Starve the yeast, parasites, and pathogens in your body. 
  • Cleanse your body of waste discarded by the dying yeast and pathogens. 
  • Balance your internal chemistry.
  • Reestablish and feed your inner ecosystem. 

So step away from that 3 PM snack, and give your body what it really needs! 



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